Month: June 2014

Raw Walnut Chocolate Pie

Yumm, yumm, yumm, YUMMY!!! These were the words that my mind was yelling as I ate this yummy treat. I made it for Father’s Day weekend and I believe it was gone in less that 10 minutes. I try to limit sugar as much as possible, but we all need a treat every once and…
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Cauliflower Hamburger Buns

Eating these cauliflower buns with my slow cooked chicken and guacamole was HEAVENLY! The only downfall was that I did not make more because they were gobbled up way too fast. These make for a great alternative to your hamburger buns. They are easy to make with very few¬†ingredients. This recipe is yet just another…
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Avocado Berry Popsicles

  That’s right I said AVOCADO berry popsicle! Don’t let the thought of avocados in your popsicle scare you, they actually give the popsicle a smooth texture without the overwhelming avocado flavor. No one would even guess that there is avocados in your recipe. Ingredients 2 ripe bananas 1 ripe avocado – pitted and scooped…
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