10 Minutes – Mini Stair Workout

10 Minutes – Mini Stair Workout


Lateral Squat to Single Leg Balance

Get into a squat position with one leg on the step and the other on the ground. Tighten your butt muscles and push off of the leg that it on the stairs. Bring your knee to hip height at about 90 degrees in the air. Balance for 1-2 seconds, then bring your leg back to the ground in a squatting position. Repeat then switch side.

Single Leg Tricep Push-Up

With both hands on the end of the stairs get into a plank position. Your hand should be directly underneath your shoulders. Slowly extend down as you elbows point straight back and brush against the side of you body. As you are lowering, lift one leg up to balance. Push up to the starting position and bring your balanced leg back to the ground. Repeat while switching legs each time.


Bulgarian Lunge-

Stand in a lunge position with your back leg on the steps, this leg should be slightly bent. Your front leg is straight, with your toes pointing forward. Slowly extend down into a lunge position, then tighten your butt muscle and push up with your front leg. Repeat then switch side.


Elevated Push-Up-

Place both feet on the stairs behind you, bring your arms to the ground slightly wider then your shoulders. Your body should be in an elevated plank position. Slowly lower your body down into a push-up. Remember to lead with your elbows, they should extend out at about 45 degree angle. If you need to regress this move, try putting your hand on the stairs and feet on the floor instead. stair4pic