4 Cornerstones of Achievement

4 Cornerstones of Achievement

I was at a fitness convention a month ago, and one of the sessions I went to was a talk by Brendon Burchard. I did not know this man before I heard him speak, but after listening to him I knew I needed to learn more about him.

In the video below, he talks about what he believes are the 4 cornerstones of achievement. Everyone has something in life they want to achieve, but there’s a difference in simply saying we want to achieve something and actually putting forth the time and effort to make it happen. There are many ways to achieve the goals we want in life, below is an example of how Brendon makes it happen. 

4 Cornerstones of Achievement


You need to have a deep desire to move the needle of your life forward. What’s your vision and what do you want out of life? You need to desire to have that journey you need to go on to get to where you want to be.


You need to have a plan of how you’re going to reach your desires/goals. Be a student in life, a master of information on what you desire.


You have to WORK for what you want. High level of discipline every day. Set up habits that keep you on track towards your desires and goals. You can not be afraid to work for what you want. You will not see a high level achiever who doesn’t have some kind of discipline. They are committed to their habits and practices that positively support them on their path towards their goals. Don’t make disciplines in your life a negative thing, but it should be a joyful habit of pursuing your dreams.


You need to manage all of those distractions that will get in your way of achieving your desires and goals. Minimize and remove all distractions.