Month: November 2015

Sweet Potato Tater Tots

Do you have a bunch of leftover yams or sweet potatoes after Thanksgiving? If so, try making these delicious Sweet Potato Tatar Tots. They are crazy easy to make, taste SO good and only 4 ingredients! After I made these they were literally gone in 10 minutes. If you end up not eat all the tots, you…
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Lemon Macaroons

I made these over the weekend as a healthier sweet treat option in the evening. Due to some gut issues I’ve been having, I’ve had to completely cut out gluten, dairy, beans and nuts…for now. So, these macaroons make a great option when you are cutting all of those ingredients. I also think that they would…
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Pumpkin Ice Cream

It’s that time if year again when pumpkin are everywhere!  Adding pumpkins to some of your recipes is a great way to incorporate the nutrients you can get from pumpkins into your diet. Pumpkins are low in calories and packed full of nutrients. They have the antioxidant beta-carotene, which may play a role in cancer prevention, according to the National Cancer…
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