Let Go of Fear

Let Go of Fear

I think we all have fears that hold us back from pursuing what we want or desire in life. We have a fear that if we go for something, change something or try something new the outcome of that might be disastrous. We fear loss, we fear judgment and we fear pain. We all know that if we want to improve our lives we need to let go of the fear that is keeping us away from making those changes. Stop listening to the voices in our heads that are taking us away from being who we truly want to be. Take a moment to sit down and ask yourself these two questions.

-What is my vision for myself, my family and the world?

-What is something I’ve wanted to accomplish, but haven’t yet done so?

Explore those questions and see what is holding you back. Usually what hold us back is our fears. Most of our fears are nothing but negative contemplative thoughts that we make up in our minds. It’s ok to have fears and they are completely normal. What’s important is to focus your attention not on the fear of what might happen, but the positive outcomes of what will happen. Your mind shouldn’t be saying –

I can’t because______. but it should be saying I will because______

I definitely have fears that hold me back at times and I know I’m not alone with when it comes to this. You must remember that if you do nothing but focus on the fear, it will always keep you from reaching your full potential of who you truly are, which is a beautiful, strong person who IS enough and capable of doing great things in this world. So it’s time to make an action plan to LET GO OF FEAR! Along with the questions from above, I want you to take out a paper, write down those questions, then below them write down the following questions. 

First, think about all of the fears you have in your life right now that are keeping you from making the changes you know you need to make. 

Write all of those fear down and ask yourself,

Are these making me a better person?

-Am I accomplishing the things I want in life when I focus on these fears?

-Do these fears make me more confident or produce negative thoughts?

-Are these fears keeping me from starting something I’ve desired to do?


Now is the time to make a change

Now is the time to be a better you

Now is the time to eliminate any negative fears 

that are holding you back from becoming a 

happier and healthier you!