Banded Hip Running Drills

Banded Hip Running Drills

This workout is designed to teach you to drive from your hips, fire your glutes, and activate your core while running. Why is this important for runners? When your central link is out of whack, you lose the ability to move with precision throughout the rest of your body. You want to have a stable foundation in the center of your body so the muscle above and below can work properly. As long as your core is not engaged you will lose that support from the center of your body and your upper body will fall forward. When your upper body falls forward you lose the stability and power that comes from your hips.

When you’re running you want to drive from your hips, slightly activate your glutes and an engaged core while running. The goal is to fall/lean forward with your whole body as one piece, leading with your midsections and hinging from your ankles. If you watch many runners you see them leaning forward with their upper body and they are excessively bending at their hips. They are in a “K” position or seated position. They are bending at their hips and leading with their upper body. When doing this, they lose all of the power you can get from your hips to propel you forward and keep your body in alignment.



Total time 50-60 minutes – use a power band attached to a secure anchor 

Banded Hip Circuit: Repeat 4X

  • Sling Back Lunge (15 reps each side)
  • Banded Lead Thru (15 reps each side)
  • Kneeling Banded Deadlifts (15 reps)
  • Plank Shoulder Tap (30 seconds)
  • Run (5 minutes first 2 circuits / 10 minutes last 2 circuits)

*While running focus on leading with your midsection and slightly activating your core and glutes.

  1. Complete hip circuit
  2. Run 5 minutes
  3. Complete hip circuit
  4. Run 5 minutes
  5. Complete hip circuit
  6. Run 10 minutes
  7. Complete hip circuit
  8. Run 10 minutes