The Balancing Act Of Being A Parent And Training For An Ultra

The Picture below Is My LIFE

They are not the only part of my life though. Trying to find that beautiful balance in life at times can seem like you need some major ninja balancing skills to manage of all the chaos thrown at you. Now how about you add on training for a major adventure, what happens then?

With that being said, let’s talk about being a parent and training for an ultra. To say that it can be a balancing act at times can be an understatement. Training for an ultra is a commitment that will take time out of your day. Trying to balance work, being a parent that is involved and present, life and everything it throws at you, plus having a social life can seem quite scary! But, let me tell you it CAN be done! It can also be done with a smile on your face enjoying the journey as your train for an ultra.

Get Your Kids Involved In Your Training

How much you can involve them depends on the age they are at and how fun you make it when they come along.

When it comes to your training you need to adjust it to YOUR life and what works best in achieving that balance. Sometimes that may mean a day that is scheduled for a light 60-minute run means you go for a hike or bike ride with your kids. During your weight session, you can involve your kids and show them the importance of moving correctly. Let them lift some light weights and see what it feels like to strengthen their muscles. A double run day can be split up with a run in the morning and an active hike in the evening with the kids. There are options!

Our Kids Watch What We Do And How We Act

Why not involve them more in your desire to get out? Not only will it allow you to find more balance, but it creates opportunities to instill in them the joy of movement and setting goals that challenge you. I think it’s a wonderful thing to show your kids that you have BIG goals. Let them see you dedicate your time toward that goal, and then see what happens when you put in consistent training and hard work. I believe it’s important that if you want your kids to be ambitious and work towards their OWN goals, they need to start seeing it from their parents.

Tips For Finding That Balance

Struggling finding that balance in training for an ultra?
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