About Me

Get To Know Me

I am a mother of four, lover of all things outdoors, ultra runner, personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, and running technique specialist. I’ve been a personal trainer since 2013 and runner for over 20 years. I believe in the importance of being a student of life and continuously strive to grow and learn new knowledge in my field of work.

I LOVE LIFE and believe that it should be lived with passion and joy! I am passionate about helping others improve their life by helping them reach personal and athletic goals, improve their health, improve their training and most importantly find joy in getting outside and moving their bodies.

I specialize in working with runners, especially the ultra-running population, but also love working with people who want to get stronger and healthier through personal training sessions.

 Why Choose Me as a Coach?

My goal is to tailor a training plan specific to your needs, time, life and goals. Life happens and your plan will be adjusted as needed. I know what it’s like to juggle life and training and that is why it is important to have an effective training plan tailored to YOU and your life. I want to get to know you and what makes you tick which will help me create a plan that fits you. Throughout your training, we will continually discuss your goals, any injuries, fears, successes and how you are adapting to the training load.

Running is not just about moving one leg in front of the other. Training should not be one dimensional by simply just running one speed. It should be filled with strength, stability, core and mobility sessions. I incorporate all these elements into your training plan. I want to help you run better, longer, faster, feel healthier and stronger along the way. Becoming a more efficient runner or a healthier stronger person is our goal.

My training philosophy comes from my studies with (NASM) National Academy of Sports Medicine, training under Dr. Romanov with POSE Method in Miami, 20 plus years of running and racing experience and continuously learning and improving my knowledge through schooling, seminars, reading and always being open to new findings.

Move Outside

and Experience

the Joy

I love getting people moving outside. We live in such a beautiful world and it’s empowering to get out and explore it.

I. Love. Trail. Running. I’ve been hitting the trails since I was a young girl. I ran my first Marathon at the young age of 18 and then I ran my first ultramarathon (Bryce Canyon 50) in 2015. I fell in love with the sport of ultra running and knew I wanted to continue to race out there on the trails. I love the challenge of an ultra-marathon and the way it pushes one’s limits. I love the way trail running makes me stronger inside and out, I love the unknown of what a race may bring and having to strategize when obstacles come in my way, and most of all I love using my own two legs to run through this beautiful earth taking in as much as I can.

My Accomplishments 

5X – 100-mile finisher

2X – 100K finisher

5X – 50-mile finisher

2X – 50K finisher

3X – Marathon finisher

-1st Place Annapurna 100K, 2018 — Nepal
-2nd Place Scout Mountain 100, 2018 — Idaho
-4th Place Canadian Death Race, 2018 — Canada
-4th Place Bryce Canyon 100, 2019 — Utah

My Credentials: 

–Certified Personal Trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

–Certified Health Coach – American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist – National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

Fitness Nutrition Specialist –American Council on Exercise (ACE)

-Running Technique Specialist – Romanov Academy of Sports Science – (POSE RUNNING)

-Certified TRX Trainer – TRX Suspension Training

Certified INSANITY Instructor – INSANITY by Beach Body