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Tahoe 200 Race Review

Not What I Planned for My review of the Tahoe 200 and how this adventure did not turn out the way I hoped for when I started the journey but, after time the path that it took me down of my own self-evaluation was just the journey I needed. I’m not saying I ever go…
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Tissue Mobility For Your Feet

Trail Running Series -Tissue Mobility For Your Feet- Let’s loosen up those feet! Do you ever suffer from tight feet or even minor pain when you run? There could be several things going on in your feet, but if it’s not a major issue like plantar fasciitis more often than not it’s some kind of…
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Enjoy the Journey of a race

I’ve been on a journey since last year training for my first 100 ultra trail race. I will be racing the Bryce Canyon 100 in June, which gives me a little less than 4 months left of training. Here in Utah, as amazing as it is during the winter months we can get a horrible…
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